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Welcome to Rapunzel's. We are the people dedicated to helping those who have experienced hair loss due to Alopecia or the after effects of cancer treatment. We have many years of experience in hair loss and know just how traumatic it can be for ladies to loose their hair.

In our view, only the very best of wigs should be offered to people in this position and so we supply and fit from various collections including the highly regarded Raquel Welsh Collectionof wigs. All are of the highest quality and come at a very affordable price.

We have been based in the town of Kells for 7 years and in September 2009 we moved to a new premises, we also hold a clinic in the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre in Drogheda every Monday. We will also visit your home for a consultation if you prefer.We pride ourselves on our Customer Service. We have been awarded a Chamber of Commerce award.

"Believe with all your heart that behind the clouds you see, the sun is shining brightly - just as it always used to be. So let this time pass by, for the skies will soon be blue, where the rainbows of tomorrow lie waiting there for you."